A Cropper's Delight


I finished teaching a class on last night, and so devoted my day to scrapbooking.  I am compiling a summer album based upon all the “everyday life” pictures I’ve collected of the children over the past few years and never figured out how to incorporate them into a theme.  The one below is a  recent favorite from the church’s Young Disciples (boy's group) field trip to the Train Museum.    






The background is a bought paper, but the trains and train track are scanned from my son’s train set!  The letters are blended chalk and I rubbed them sideways on black stamp ink to make them pop off the page.  I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to make use of our around- the-home items, and for using traditional tools in different ways, thanks to “Scrapbooking”, which airs daily on the Do-It-Yourself Channel (aka the DIY Channel).   If you don’t get it in your area, try some of the great ideas at www.diynetwork.com . (Click on 'crafts', then on 'scrapbooking').  It’s not the most user-friendly website I’ve ever tried, but there are stellar ideas available without having to purchase those expensive packages that are sold through various companies.  Have a great day to all my fellow croppers!




One comment on “A Cropper's Delight

  1. AHappyHome says:

    I am so looking forward to catching up on my scrapbooks. Yours sound (and as I can see, also look) awesome! Your family is blessed to have you keeping their history. Happy cropping!

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