Black Failure in school–who's to blame?

I found this insightful article while surfing Afro-centric sites today.  As many parents are now making decisions about school options for the coming year, I thought it was timely.  Remembering that whatever state your homeschool is in, you are so much better off than many, and continue to pray for our nation's educational systems.  Even if you homeschool, chances are great that your children will play with, go to college with, work with, marry and have children with someone who wasn't as blessed.


One comment on “Black Failure in school–who's to blame?

  1. Hediedforme says:

    You know, I haven’t given much thought to this but what you have said is true. I hope my children marry others who are being homeschooled right now (if the Lord hasn’t come back for us by then), but there is a chance that won’t happen. Even if it does, they will be in contact with many other people. Our schools are influencing all children in so many bad ways.

    I enjoyed reading your site.

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