Teaching for the right reasons

I have been so far behind in maintaining my blog, and even farther behind in catching up on all the other great blogs out there.   I always gain far more than I give from this environment, and I miss you guys!  God bless you!  


I am convinced that once many parents place their children in school, they decide to go back and pursue their own education.  Fall is always busy for me, and I’m looking forward to some holiday downtime on next week, but I have to admit that I love every minute of helping someone else get farther down the path to their own goals.


Much of my work is exposing college students to introductory concepts in the world of management and leadership.   As we work together over the weeks, these are the lessons I’m learning:


God teaches us love; the world teaches us tolerance.

God teaches us humility; the world teaches us arrogance.

God teaches us to prefer others over ourselves; the world teaches us to love ourselves over others.

God introduces us to Jesus and Christianity; the world introduces us to religion and spirituality.


As an educator, I fully recognize that our children may go off to college and not have a believer to teach them.  In fact, the more I hear, the more it occurs to me that they may have quite the opposite.   However, I stay mindful with all my students, whether they were born of my womb or not, that teaching for the sake of sheer knowledge is empty without a God-given revelation of how to use that knowledge to change this world for the better cause of Christ Jesus.   I must bloom where I’m planted and make a difference with each of the lives that God allows me to touch.


Incidentally, I found this out during a recent tour of a Benjamin Franklin exhibit: Harvard and Yale universities were originally established to educate future ministers.  The University of Pennsylvania, with Benjamin Franklin as its first president, was the first, or one of the first, institutions of higher learning established with more secular purposes in mind.  Man, how far we’ve come, huh?


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