I am quickly posting this forwarded message from a forwarded message…you know how that goes.   The post came originally out of Austin, TX, I believe, and concerns a very impressive single mother of three, all under 6 yrs. She has literally camped out for several years doing all she can to
remain homeschooling her 3 children.    Recently her housing situation has come to an all too soon end (Jan 30th), due to the owner’s recent diagnoses of cancer.

My understanding is that this woman has created an online literary magazine for children that
was highly recommended by Mothering Magazine, yet it just hasn’t grabbed hold:

http://literarychild.com <http://literarychild.com/>

The author of the original e-mail states, "I think it is impressive, well done and a wonderful educational tool.    The cost is minimal. I am taking a leap here, but, it could truly change her situation if she had a sudden influx of subscriptions. To me that would be a great Holiday giving spirit!"

Here’s our chance to bless someone else during this special time of year.


Your two cents, please!

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