The One Thing that is Needful

This story was sad, but in light of what I and what each of you who homeschool do every day, it was a reminder about the ‘one thing that is needful.’    Though the media put a more secular spin on the tragedy, focusing on the weather and emergency response time, what I picked up on where the children’s hearts were, and the family’s request for prayer.


2 comments on “The One Thing that is Needful

  1. AHappyHome says:

    I couldn't watch the video :(. Do you have a link to read the story? I really enjoyed your garden pictures; your family is the most beautiful thing growing (but you already knew that, huh?). I'm inspired to take some garden photos. You must live someplace warmer than I; we are just now getting daffodils and there are buds on the trees, but lots of winter pruned stuff still sleeping.

    God bless you!

  2. AHappyHome says:

    Happy anniversary and great thoughts on marriage. Hear, hear!


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