The Update on Andrew

Several of you have been praying for friends of ours who are going through a real storm.   I wrote to check in with her on her son’s new school, and this was the report from her:


‘We got off to a very BAD start.  Of course, the typical bullying is still going on, but just 6 days in and while playing a game of tag, two girls accused him of continually grabbing their breasts.  It was a horrible ordeal and no one could get the stories straight and no one saw it happen, but because Andrew was new he was sacrificed and sent to ISS  [In-School Suspension] for 5 days.  He did not do it.  He was devastated and so were we.  He even told me as I tucked him in bed the day of the accusations, " God knows I didn’t do that."   I reminded him of the story of Joseph and we prayed daily to get through it.  His character obviously was a shining example of God’s grace and he was allowed to get out a day early.   Today is his third day back in class.  He is happy to go to school.    I am hoping that it doesn’t happen again, but it could… ‘

He will also have his quarterly cancer follow-up soon.   Please continue to believe God with me for a divine reversal in this young man’s circumstances.   He is obviously going to do something marvelous for the kingdom of God if he doesn’t grow weary of the fight he’s in.


4 comments on “The Update on Andrew

  1. 4sweetums says:

    Yikes! Kids in school can be so mean. We will continue to pray for Andrew.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is in our prayers.


  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Yes, I do drink coffee but only the half decaf kind. Too much of the regular would have me bouncing all over the place. LOL! Thanks for visitng me friend.

    Oh, I'm curious as to what you are using for curriculum this year also. I noticed that you still had last year's on your blog. Is it the same? I like reading what others are using and perhaps gettings ideas.


  4. kimalita says:

    Came by to see how things were over your way.
    Hope your week was BLESSED!!!

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