Our New Baby

When Marie over at PumpkinsMomma posted 2 comments to me regarding her new dishwasher and then posted pics of it on her blog, I thought it was one of those hilariously quirky, but oh, so fun things that only a SAHM (stay-at-home mom, since I finally figured out what that acronym stood for–LOL) could appreciate.   When you’re around the house all day, every single thing wrong with your house is emphasized.   I had to back way off from HGTV until I could gain some perspective and watch it without getting depressed.

Well, Marie, congratulations on your new baby, and here’s our latest addition:


…on a play date with Sink…


…shown here with matching outfits are Refrigerator, George Foreman Grill, and Microwave (not pictured here)…


…again, Refrigerator, Grill, Microwave, and Stove, the last of the "old school posse…"


Once Stove kicks the bucket, the redesign is complete!


3 comments on “Our New Baby

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now it's just a sit and wait for mr.stove to kick the bucket, huh? LOL I love your new stainless steel look and your 1001 reason to homeschool too.


  2. JamieLee says:

    Oh, it's so fun to get new "babies" like that! I always feel a bit guilty hoping that an appliance will kick the bucket, but can't justify getting the new ones til that happens! Congrats!

  3. sahmto4orMore says:

    Ooooh, ahhh, wow!
    I'm duly impressed with the kitchen and your new baby. However, i don't want my own mis-matched appliances to get any ideas about going south on me so i won't verbalize my appreciation of your shiny kitchen.
    I'm appreciating that mine still work right now!

    BTW, i couldn't take school on the road like that either. A vacation that is a big field trip, yes, bookwork away from the house….only at dr. appts.!

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