A bit about love and marriage

I don’t blog much about our marriage.    It’s not that we don’t have a great relationship.    In fact, I think we have an intimacy–spiritually and emotionally as wel as physically–that many couples around us could only wish for.    However, I tend to use my blog as information and inspiration, sometimes to the detriment of not posting what we actually do here in our home.    I realized that as my dear blogging buddy Karen got all excited about Charlotte Mason’s approaches and then stated  that she didn’t know anyone who used Miss Mason’s ideas—HA HA!   I choose to post my heart as a mom, a teacher, and a woman, in the hopes that I’ll touch someone else’s.


Well, during the month of February, I took an opportunity to pen some thoughts about February, commercialization, and the evidence of real love.    Enjoy it here…(by the way, the first sentence should have a strike-through in the word spending; just another place where technology hasn’t caught up to my eclectic sense of humor!)


4 comments on “A bit about love and marriage

  1. basketflat says:

    That was a great article. I enjoyed it.

    I can never understand when someone in the world at large makes that they just don't love so and so, they fell out of love, etc. What is love, anyhow, just an emotion??? Heck no, it's commitment, it's sacrifice, it's patience…

  2. PumpkinsMomma says:

    Thanks for your post (and the other one too).
    They are both great reminders not to get wrapped up in those other things!!!

  3. LadyPoet33 says:

    Great minds must think alike! I just posted a blog about a Charlotte Mason homeschool support group I did. It was in the fall, but I couldn't get the photos to download to my computer until today.

    I LOVE many of the CM ideas and find peace in nature journaling, and many other of her ideas. I am just beginning to read her original books that I found used. I am thrilled with marking up the pages with my own thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. ThreeLittleLadies says:

    I'm just here checking in on you and catching up with you. Good to read about you and your family again.


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