Our God, Charlotte Mason, and a Post-Modern World

Don’t you just love that first-thing-in-the-mid-morning  inspiration?   Linda Fay posted a link to another blogger’s entry on how Charlotte Mason’s approaches connect our children to what is God’s purpose for them while here on Earth.   Here is just a taste:

I believe Charlotte’s ideas and methods resonate deep within us on a core level. We do this because we want our children to live beautiful lives Coram Deo meaning before the face of God. No matter what their circumstances are in any given moment. We want them to live the truth in such a way that commends the law of God and commends true righteousness to all people (Jerram Barrs, Lecture 8, p. 3). We yearn for them to live a genuine life of beauty so that all who see it will give glory to God…We want our children to effectively demonstrate and communicate Christ’s lasting, eternal beauty to a lost and dying world–perhaps without saying a word…  

The rest of the article is here.   God bless you today.




One comment on “Our God, Charlotte Mason, and a Post-Modern World

  1. chris36 says:

    Thank you for sharing that.

    Hope you are having a good week.


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