Thanks to all of you–this is quite a milestone for me, considering that I often wonder if my words reach anyone.    I am humbled, and would especially like to acknowledge Marie at PumpkinsMomma who became my 1000th commentor.    God bless you great guys!


5 comments on “1000 Comments!

  1. FruitfulFamily says:

    Congrats on your blogging!

  2. karen0317 says:

    How cool… congratulations!

  3. diamondsintherough says:

    Oh, I must have been close! :o)

  4. gnjlopez says:

    I have always loved reading your blogs. This past year has had me on an emotional and spiritual roller coaster (the reason I seldom leave comments) and your posts have really helped me stand with my head up high. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you the way He does.

    God Bless you,

  5. chris36 says:

    Your words are very encouraging, Belinda!


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