Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

I will hopefully post my weekly wrap-up on tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wanted to share the amazing trip we had to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas.   For a little over $50 for the five of us (including a bag of animal food), this was the closest to Africa we might ever get, and it was a memory for a lifetime.    Keep in mind as you view the pictures that these were taken with our daughter’s digital camera, with limited zoom abilities.   In short, you’re looking at the animals as we saw them–next to the car and dangerously in our faces.   In several pics, you see the rain on the car windows as a couple of these animals got a little too close for me.    By the way, can you tell how excited we were to feed giraffes? 


6 comments on “Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

  1. basketflat says:

    Neat. That looks like a neat place to go. Reminds me of the wildlife park in San Diego. Looks to be close to where I grew up spending summers visiting my grandparents in Arlington, TX. One day I'd like to take my girls down that way to see dinosaur artifacts and perhaps some family history, although I think my Aunt and cousins are the only ones left there.


  2. Sally says:

    What a great trip! Maybe we could go out into the desert wilderness and wait for the coyotes to come to us…. or the rattlesnakes? lol

  3. 4sweetums says:

    Giraffes are my favorite animal. Did you know that they are very gentle but can kill a lion if the lion messes with there young. Amazing. I would love to see that place sometime.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW!, i am googling glen rose texas.

  5. karen0317 says:

    This is great!! I need to go there. Were you a little scared?

  6. sahmto4orMore says:

    Oh, the memories!
    We have been to Fossil Rim and to Glen Rose and Dinosaur State Park. My folks lived in Granbury for several years, but they have now moved to New Mexico. I grew up in DFW, graduated from Richland High School.

    I hope you get to go back and see the dino tracks someday. It is really neat to see.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

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