Boys to Men

 I so enjoyed reading Kerimae’s post on the relationship between a father and his son. There is something so special about watching a man speak into another man’s life, and with all due respect to the number of very special single mothers in my life, I consider myself very blessed. Our pastor shared with us recently that statistics suggest that when a woman leads her children to church, chances are slightly over 50% that the children will continue to attend church as adults. When a man takes his family to church, chances of the children continuing to attend as adults increase to about 97%. Amazing.

The men in my life—namely, my husband and son—attended our church’s annual boys’ lock-in on this past weekend. They had a tremendous time of sharing, of caring, and mainly, of men pouring Godly wisdom and encouragement into the lives of men-to-be. I didn’t get that many pictures—at least not yet, but this was a special memory as our son will be too old after this year to attend.







As for the girls and I, we had a movie night here, and played their Mall Madness game. As someone who doesn’t slow down to play games often, I felt good about our girls’ night in. The game did get too long, though, and we wound up falling asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed—another special treat.

Whatever activities come your way, always cherish the time, my friends. It goes all too fast.


One comment on “Boys to Men

  1. plsmitha says:


    I really like this post, and the pictures are priceless. I think our sons may be around the same age.


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