Getting the Most Out of Homeschooling Conferences

Can I confess something? Until 2012, I had not been to a homeschooling conference that required me to put on something other than pajamas in years. In a homeschooling community that thrives on conferences and gatherings in general, I had reached—or so I thought—that point in my homeschooling journey where conferences had little to offer. I felt that I had passed the “how to homeschool” phase and I am definitely past the point where I need other parents around me to convince me that we are doing the right thing. I have to say, however, that this “more seasoned” dog, shall we say, was blessed by others’ new tricks.  You can find more about my experience here in my contribution to Heart of the Matter Online.   Also, be sure an check out the AHEAD Conference at   Enjoy!

How to Pick the Right Curriculum

Before you get too excited, let me say that this article will not suggest any one curriculum, or devalue any other curriculum. There are far too many choices out there for me to offer much wisdom in that area. Indeed, homeschooling has come a long way from the few publishers that would actually sell to a homeschooling family; now homeschooling conventions look almost as polished and slick as those industry fairs where I once manned a corporate booth. That reality is one of the inspirations behind this article. It is about this time of
year when I “hear” new mothers all over the States write to say, “I’m a new homeschooler with a few questions…” How does this parent, with an overwhelming number of curriculum from which to choose, make a wise decision?  Read my thoughts on this dilemma in an article I penned for Heart of the Matter Online this month…


Inclusive History Takes More Than a Month

I wrote this article for Heart of the Matter’s blog last March, right after February, also known as Black History Month.    There are those who wonder why Black History Month, or Hispanic Heritage Month or Women’s History Month, for that matter, exists.   I penned my heart here about the importance of teaching inclusive history to our children.   Enjoy and be blessed…

9 Ways to Rest and Restore

“If mothers could learn to do for themselves what they do for their children when these are overdone, we should have happier households. Let the mother go out to play! If she would have the courage to let everything go when life becomes too tense, and just take a day, or half a day, out in the fields, or with a favourite book, or in a picture gallery looking long and well at just two or three pictures, or in bed, without the children, life would go on far more happily for both children and parents…” Charlotte Mason, The Original Home Schooling Series by Charlotte Mason


Restoration is not just about us; we may be quite comfortable with ourselves and our methods of educating our children. Yet, we sometimes need restoration so that we can restore life and energy to what is around us. Think about it: attitude is a reflection of leadership. Are those “younger mirrors“ in your home reflecting what you want to see?   Your homeschool might be anything but restful right now, but read on and maybe store this one for later!  Blessings!!